Maize Genetics Executive Committee: Procedures, March 2004

The Maize Genetics Executive Committee (MGEC) will include ten members elected by the broadest feasible vote of the Maize Genetics Community.

Members will be elected for five-year terms. Two members will rotate off each year and will not be eligible for nomination for two succeeding years. Elections will take place in February of each year for any available seats, including the two that open each year and any that become available for other reasons. Nominations will be solicited from the entire Maize Genetics Community, and all willing candidates will be present on the ballot. If there are more nominees than twice the number of open slots, a runoff ballot of twice the number of open slots will be conducted, for those nominees who receive the highest number of votes in the initial ballot. Elected candidates will be those with the most votes.

To ensure broad representation, no more than two individuals from the same location/institution may serve on the MGEC simultaneously.

The Chair of the MGEC will be elected by a vote of the members of the MGEC.

The MGEC has the option to appoint other members to the MGEC so that an appropriate representation of the Maize Genetics Community will be obtained. These appointed positions will be filled via an election within the MGEC, and will be for a maximum of four years.

Each year, the MGEC will report its activities to the Maize Genetics Community via its web site and, if needed, by a short presentation at the Annual Maize Genetics Conference.

2017-2018 MGEC Meeting motions (Friday, March 23rd, 2018, Saint Malo, France)

Motion 1: PI of the Research Coordination Networks (RCN) project can serve an ex-officio member of MGEC.
Motion 2: Ex-officio member status of MGEC does not carry voting rights. Appointed members of MGEC have the right to vote.
Motion 3. One can be an elected member of MGEC and an ex-officio member of MGEC.
Motion 4: MaizeGDB representative is an ex-officio member of MGEC.
Motion 5: If there are no elected members from industry on the MGEC, the MGEC may appoint one.

2018-2019 MGEC Meeting motions (Friday, March 15th, 2019, St. Louis, Missouri, USA)

Motion a. Motion to support David Jackson's nomination as Vice Chair.
Motion b. Motion to support the nomination of Eric Y. Danquah as the African representative.
Motion c. Motion to support the nomination of Sebastian Praud as the European representative.

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