The Origin of the Maize Genetics Executive Committee: A Brief History of Organized Communication in the Maize Genetics Community
Compiled by Jeff Bennetzen

For an extended history of the Cooperation and of the Stock Center prepared by Marty Sachs see

1929 First Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter
1959 First Maize Genetics Meeting, at Allerton House in Illinois
1991 Maize Database on the Web
1998 Plan for a Vision/History Meeting at Allerton
1999 Ed Coe Forms an Ad Hoc Vision Committee
1999 Allerton Discussion on the Future of Maize Genetics
1999 Survey of the Maize Genetics Community by the Ad Hoc Vision Committee
2000 Ed Coe Organizes a Future-of-Maize Discussion at Plant and Animal Genome 2000 Conference
2000 Ad Hoc Committee Develops Plan for a Maize Genetics Executive Committee That is Elected by the Entire Maize Genetics Community
2000 First Maize Genetics Executive Committee Elected: Jeff Bennetzen (chair), Jim Birchler, Vicki Chandler, Ed Coe, Mike Freeling, Sarah Hake, Ron Phillips, Pat Schnable, Virginia Walbot, and Sue Wessler. Jane Langdale was asked to join the MGEC, to provide international perspective
2000 Maize Genetics Executive Committee Conceives Mission Statement, Develops Guidelines for Its Operations, and Begins Communicating with Genetics Community and the Broader Scientific Community

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