Maize Genetics Executive Committee: Activities, 2010

April 2010 : MGEC chair Tom Brutnell presented an overview of the MGEC survey from 2009 at a National Corn Growers Association workshop. Pat Schnable and Steve Moose also gave presentations.

May 2010 : Deployment of the Maize Research Blog.

September 8, 2010: Read the MGEC report on the NSF meeting to discuss the concerns of and opportunities for the maize genetics community.

December 2010: As a direct result of the meeting with NSF, established the Maize Genome Assembly and Annotation Consortium.

  • First announced in the Maize Workshop at the 2011 Plant and Animal Genome Conference.
  • Requested NSF funds to back the endeavor from the Plant Genome Research Program (Jan 2011 submission)

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