Maize Genetics Executive Committee: Activities, 2003-2004

Organized a workshop (as part of the 2003 Maize Genetics Conference) to discuss alternative technologies for the global profiling of maize transcripts. Met with representatives from various commercial vendors. Considered pros and cons of various platforms. Submitted recommendations to the National Science Foundation.

Developed and submitted to the National Science Foundation a work plan for sequencing the maize genome. V. Chandler presented the MGEC work plan to the Inter-agency Working Group in Washington DC on February 22, at a meeting with industry representatives to discuss sequencing the maize genome.

Worked with the National Corn Growers Association and DuPont-Pioneer, Monsanto and Ceres to reach an agreement by which >2 million maize ESTs previously generated by the private sector could be accessed by public-sector researchers.

Formalized election dates and terms of office for MGEC members, and established election procedures, rotation, and selection of the Chair. Defined a practice for selection of additional representative members, and added two members on that basis. The procedures are presented at

Encouraged development of a short course in maize genetics held at CIMMYT in conjunction with the 2004 Maize Genetics Conference. The report and content for this short course are provided at MaizeGDB.

Contributed by Patrick Schnable and Ed Coe

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