Maize Genetics Executive Committee: Activities, 2002

Continued solicitation and encouragement of U.S. governmental commitment to sequence the maize genome. Visits to Washington, DC and preparation/distribution of a white paper to describe and support this effort. Outcome is an RFP from NSF that requests proposals to test technologies for the efficient sequencing of complex plant genomes. Two proposals funded to test gene-rich BAC and gene-enrichment sequencing approaches in maize.

First web presence for MGEC acquired through MaizeDB.

Discussion of an annual Maize Genetics Course that could be used to recruit and train young scientists for maize genetics. Candidate sites identified and further discussions ongoing.

Discussions with Congressional staffers and USAID personnel, including visits to Washington, DC, to encourage the development of a competitive grants program through USAID that will support comparative cereal genomics in support of agricultural improvement in the developing world. Outcome is a small grants program, managed by Dr. Robert Zeigler at Kansas State University, initiated in 2002.

Nominations and election to available MGEC seats.

Solicitation and collation of suggestions from the Maize Genetics Community for components of a new poll asking all maize geneticists for their input regarding the prioritized needs of the community. Poll planned for mid 2003.

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