Maize Genetics Executive Committee: Activities, 2000-2001

Ad hoc committee organizes and runs election for MGEC, over 300 votes received, ten members elected (Jeff Bennetzen, Jim Birchler, Ed Coe, Vicki Chandler, Mike Freeling, Sarah Hake, Ron Phillips, Pat Schnable, Ginny Walbot, Sue Wessler)

Committee elects MGEC Chair (Bennetzen), Vice-Chair (Coe) and an overseas member (Jane Langdale).

Committee discusses possible mission for the MGEC. Decides on a role of acquiring, collating, interpreting and disseminating information on the opportunities and needs for maize genetics research in the public sector.

Committee solicits and begins collation of information from the Maize Genetics Community on needed technical advances for maize genetics.

Subcommittee of MGEC travels to DC and meets with NSF geneticists and plant scientists to discuss our identified highest priority need: Improved Maize Transformation Technology (USDA participants unable to attend due to last minute facilities problem, but they receive a report of the discussion). Result is that both NSF and USDA feature a need for improved maize transformation technology in subsequent RFPs.

MGEC discusses several issues related to improving the visibility and productivity of maize genetics research in the public sector. Three documents, Highest Priorities, A 10-Year Plan, and a draft letter to Congress members, were promulgated.

MGEC assists MaizeDB in its efforts to review its performance, and encourages a simplified entry route to all maize databases.

A Workshop on Sequencing the Maize Genome was conducted in 2001. An Executive Summary and Report were prepared and promulgated.

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